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Thanking & Blessing - The Sacred Art Jay Marshall on how to walk cheerfully.
Some Fruits of Solitude Filled with sagacious Quaker insights and wise sayings about justice, force, patience, contentment, friendship, balance, respect, generosity, and more.
The "Right" Way to Pray By Gracie Griffin in the KidSpirit Simplicity and Complexity issue. Prayer is the limbo between the serenity of accepting the world’s chaos around you and the challenge of pursuing stillness in…
A Stone Bridge North A pensive spiritual memoir that pays tribute to Quaker faith, silence, and resiliency.
Dimensions of Prayer A new way to make a pilgrimage.
Rufus Jones A top-drawer collection of selections from the works of a visionary Quaker mystic, social activist, and promoter of peace.
Sacred Compass J. Brent Bill on walking the prairie as a metaphor for moving through life watching for signs.
Plain Living A soul-satisfying collection of quotations from the tradition that emphasizes silence, peacemaking, and conscience.
Silence and Witness Praises the spiritual practice of silence in Quaker worship.
A Quaker Book of Wisdom This warm, wise, and eminently readable work explores the essence of Quaker thought and practice.