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New Year's Eve Remember with gratitude the past year's challenges and joys.
White Trash An overview of the role of white trash in America's narrative.
White Trash An engrossing historical work on the strange and long-lasting presence of class in American democracy.
Thank You for Being Late A fascinating overview of the high price we are paying for a speed addicted culture.
Thank You for Being Late Reflections on cultural change and the gifts of a visionary leader.
We Need To Talk A bold and wise book about the skills needed to have our conversations open the doors to new possibilities.
We Need To Talk Celeste Headlee on the key to good conversation – the setting aside of the self.
Ex Libris: The New York Public Library Another appealing documentary masterwork in the astonishing career of Frederick Wiseman.
Abacus: Small Enough to Jail The little-known story of the trial of a Chinatown family-owned bank in the wake of the financial debacle of 2008.
Hygge A reflection on Hygge's gifts of economic security.