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Victoria & Abdul A delightful dramedy about the Queen of England's friendship with a 24-year-old Indian clerk.
Muhammad in The Fragrance of Faith The oil is already in the lamp
Etiquette Concerning Sneezing What the Prophet would say when someone sneezes.
The Qur'an in Heart, Self, and Soul To God belong both East and West
O God, Give Me Light A prayer to bring the light of God into your life.
Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns An awe-inspiring children's book about beauty in Islam and colors pervading the everyday life of a young Muslim girl.
Allah Made Me Funny: Live in Concert Three Muslim comedians building bridges of understanding through humor.
Why I Am a Muslim Offers feisty insights into Islam and the many misconceptions people have about it.
Bhutto A powerfully effective documentary on the astonishing life and democratic vision of Pakistan's first female prime minister.
The Qur'an in Perfume of the Desert All is perishable except the Face of God