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Kedi A magical and immensely endearing documentary about the love affair between the people of Istanbul and the stray cats who wander the streets of the city.
Etiquette Concerning Sneezing What the Prophet would say when someone sneezes.
Bukhari Hadith 3:646 in Blessing the Animals There is a reward for serving
O God, Give Me Light A prayer to bring the light of God into your life.
Seyyed Hossein Nasr in The Heart of Islam Beauty has the power to draw the soul to itself
Allah Made Me Funny: Live in Concert Three Muslim comedians building bridges of understanding through humor.
The Book of Character An anthology of readings mostly on Islamic character and virtues
Bhutto A powerfully effective documentary on the astonishing life and democratic vision of Pakistan's first female prime minister.
What's Right with Islam Points out the common ground and the directions we can take to bring about a more hospitable and peaceful world.
Laila's Birthday A poignant Palestinian film about the difficulties of keeping your soul alive in an occupied country where inconveniences, frustrations, and dangers abound.