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Birthday of Bede Griffiths Affirming the interspiritual vision of the Benedictine monk with a reading, a screening, and a mantra.
All Saints Day Quotes, recommended resources, and a teaching story for your observance.
Birthday of Jelaluddin Rumi Ways to celebrate the birthday of the great Persian mystic poet Rumi.
International Day of Peace Established by the United Nations General Assembly, this day is supported by a worldwide movement to create a global ceasefire and a day of peace and nonviolence.
Mature Interspirituality Lynda "Ma Shanti" Terry on silence as catalyst for spiritual maturing.
Mature Interspirituality Resources for the interspiritual activist.
Letting Go - 2017 August 6 - 26, 2017. Teachings from the wisdom traditions to help you experience the freedom of releasing things.
Anthony de Mello Day A celebration of the life and work of the Indian Jesuit spiritual director and retreat leader.
The Five Longings David Richo on how our longings lead to our going on pilgrimages.
Quotations on Time A collection to help us understand our relationship to the hours and minutes of our days.