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The Book of Ceremonies Native creation accounts, love songs, prayers, traditional stories, and ceremonies arising out of a felt sense of participation in the universe.
Smudging to Purify A traditional step at the beginning of a Native American ceremony.
Indian Spirit Ohiyesa's tribute to the spiritual practice of silence.
Before Writing and Sending a Letter A practice for compassionate communication.
Tipi A gorgeous paperback filled with deep respect for Native American beauty, meaning, and reverence for the natural world.
Blessing for Water A way to honor this essential cleansing element.
Te Ata True account of a talented Chickasaw storyteller who became an ambassador for her people and all Native Americans.
The Sacred Berry Eating a strawberry with its symbolism in mind.
Native American Stories of the Sacred Brims with insights into the relevance of Native American spirituality to the challenges facing us all in our private and public lives.
Thanksgiving Ritual for Any Day of the Year Becoming aware of the gifts we've been given.