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Dylan Thomas Day A day to celebrate the Welsh writer's love of poetry and language
Birthday of Albert Camus Two philosophical gems to ponder from the French writer.
Birthday of Confucius Honoring "Teachers' Day," which commemorates Confucius's birth.
Birthday of Ralph Waldo Emerson Celebrating Emerson's birthday by building up our being.
Birthday of Albert Einstein Celebrate the Birthday of Albert Einstein with a practice of X-The Mystery and a perusal of his wisdom quotes.
Collateral Beauty A poignant meditation on the dark clouds of grief.
Passing Time Andrea Kohler on the value of slowing down and reaching beyond waiting.
Passing Time A philosophical masterwork on time, transitions, patience, and the end-game of death.
The Distressed Body Creative and philosophic essays on hospitals, factory farms, prisons, illness, and other bodily issues.
Birthday of Albert Schweitzer A birthday tribute to a true citizen of the world, extraordinary humanitarian, and practitioner of reverence for life.