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Striking Beauty An elegant book on the beauty and philosophy of the martial arts.
Examined Life An unusual and compelling documentary featuring eight thinkers musing on philosophical matters as they walk in various creative places.
The Path Toward Beauty Francesca Weinmann on how Chinese painting emphasizes transformation.
Being in the World A bright and thought-provoking examination of philosophy and the authenticity of those who have passionately immersed themselves in life.
Leo Buscaglia in The Way of Conflict The potential to turn a life around
The Girl from Nowhere A lonely old man is revitalized by a homeless young woman who becomes his muse, his editor, and his angel.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Teach Us to Number Our Days Youth is the time to study wisdom
Payback An earnest and edifying documentary on the philosophical and ethical ramifications of debt as something owed.
Silence, Song and Shadows Tom Bender on revering and nurturing everything.
Dylan Thomas Day A day to celebrate the Welsh writer's love of poetry and language