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Guardian Angels Day A special day to give thanks to guardian angels for being in our lives and watching over us.
Anniversary of the First Lunar Landing A commemoration of landing on the moon by Neil A. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
Soul Story A philosophical adventure story exploring the many meanings of emergent spirituality.
The Great Piece of Turf by Albrecht Dürer Sense the magnificent music of life in a wayside clump of vegetation.
The Mystery of Sleep A down-to-earth and edifying overview of sleep's rewards and the problems with sleep deprivation.
Wendell Berry and the Given Life A timely and relevant summary of the life and work of Wendell Berry.
Rick Hanson A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Rick Hanson, psychologist who writes about the value of contemplative practice.
Anatomy of Love An enlightening and entertaining map of the adventure of love.
Anatomy of Love All the ways a kiss is not just a kiss.
Birthday of Leonardo da Vinci Observing the birthday of the Italian polymath who epitomized the phrase "Renaissance Man."