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Jane A soul-stirring cinematic tribute to Jane Goodall and her reverence for chimpanzees.
You Deserve a Breakthrough Persevering through breakdowns and breakups.
Engineering Happiness A fresh and fascinating examination of the subject of happiness – one of the best on the subject in many a moon.
Lottery Winner Sharing your love throughout generations.
Flowers Are Calling Beautifully illustrated explanations of all the beings involved in the pollination of flowers.
Whiz Kids An extraordinary documentary about three smart, intense, and talented teenagers in the Intel Science Talent Search.
The Vitality Map An exploration of a holistic and energized way of full-spectrum living.
Extraordinary Measures An inspiring drama about a man who possesses great perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges and constant change.
Saki Santorelli in Heal Thy Self Reading the newspaper awakens compassion
Up A charming animated feature about a memorable cross-generation friendship that is also a probe on the true meaning of adventure.