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Spirituality & Practice
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Spiritual Growth

Living a spiritual life is not something that happens overnight, nor something that comes easily without effort. Spiritual growth requires intention and attention to avoid stagnation in your practices and your general well-being.

At Spirituality & Practice, we believe in the importance of the spiritual journey and the personal growth that comes with it. For that reason, we have created a multifaith website full of resources for all people of all religions and also those who describe themselves as spiritual but not religious. Whether you are a member of the clergy, a chaplain, or other religious profession seeking continuing education for clergy; a seeker interesting in learning from the world's great spiritual teachers; or an individual looking for resources and practices to deepen your personal faith, Spirituality & Practice has something for you.

Try one of our spiritual courses by clicking the "E-Courses" link in the navigation on the left side of our homepage. Our E-Courses are very popular with individuals desiring spiritual growth and self-improvement. The courses are flexible enough to fit into their schedules and offer valuable information to reflect upon the meaning and purpose of their lives and to nurture their spiritual connections

Our Spiritual Literacy DVDs offer an opportunity for personal reflection as well as group discussion. The 26 half-hour episodes (sample clips can be seen on the website) focus on an alphabet of spiritual qualities - attention, beauty, compassion, enthusiasm, forgiveness, gratitude, reverence, transformation, wonder, and more. Here is a way to care for your soul using the medium of spiritual cinema.

Our website areas about spiritual practices, spiritual book reviews, spiritual quotes, and book excerpts themselves provide continuing education for clergy, chaplains, and spiritual directors. Here is information on new editions of sacred texts, major releases by spiritual teachers, essays on everyday spirituality, and other articles that both inform and inspire.

For more information, we encourage you to continue browsing our website. At, we offer online retreats about everyday spirituality that subscribers say offer a much-needed lift during times of transition or difficulty. In addition to all of the information you see listed in our left navigation, we've included a selection of articles with additional information about our products, and we encourage you to continue reading for more information. We hope you'll find our website to be helpful in this important area of your life.