This week over 2,000 Water Protectors have traveled from across the United States, Mexico, and Canada to gather with frontline Indigenous leaders for a historic, three-day Treaty People Gathering in Northern Minnesota.

During the Gathering, these Defenders of Life will unite in honor of the Natural Powers, our love of Nature, and for a sustainable future for all. They will share in nonviolent, direct actions to lift up their demands to U. S. President Biden: honor the treaties, defend the water, and stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline once and for all. They need our help.

Sadly, this is old news. This story is centuries old. It repeats and repeats. If we are to enjoy a human future on this planet we will need more and more people willing to stand up for the importance of Nature and Spirit over profit and greed. Our support of the Defenders of Life this weekend must extend into the days and years ahead.

And so we pray this news . . .

To the One that is All, Spirit of Life, Dear God, Our Mother Earth, and Sacred Cosmos, we pray with all that we are for the Sacred Balance of Life on Earth. May all beings find respect, harmony, and vitality in this eternal eco-system — in the precious dance between humanity and the rest of Nature.

Bless the elements of life: clean and heal our Waters, regenerate and restore the Earth, revitalize and purify the Air so it is free of the poisons of our making, and bring us peace with the Fires of the world so we are blessed with their renewal and not ruin.

May we find our way to choose harmony and sustainable paths together. Heal our fear and selfishness. Bless those who destroy and diminish our planet, for their emptiness hunger is a cold and bitter place in which no soul should dwell. Fill them with joy, with connection, and with a great remembering of our place in the Family of Life.

God Bless the Water Protectors everywhere. God bless our advocates and ambassadors of Earth and Sea and Sky. May they rest well and feel new strength and hope each morning. May their efforts be empowered a thousandfold. May their success be cherished by all, and may their work and impact spread around the world.

Heal our relationship to the Natural world dear God.

Bless us all with the simple Love of Life.

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