Zen Wisdom

When you handle rice, water or anything else, have the affectionate and caring concern of a parent raising a child.
— Zen Master Dogen

Jewish Wisdom

Do not make a crutch of ego, lean on God alone.
— Rami Shapiro Proverbs: The Wisdom of Solomon

Spiritual Wisdom

Only the unity of all can bring the well-being of all.
— Robert Muller in Full Esteem Ahead by Diane and Julia Loomans

Protestant Wisdom

In the final loss of everything that was once sure, there is also the birth of something new.
— Belden Lane in The Solace of Fierce Landscapes

Scientific Wisdom
Death is always with us: creative art helps us know it, live with it, and even laugh with it.
— Robert Litman in The Courage to Laugh by Allen Klein

Catholic Wisdom

Once we ourselves have suffered, the suffering of others falls upon our softened hearts and we become more human members of the human race.
— Henri Nouwen, American Catholic priest and writer

Philosophical Wisdom

The sexual embrace can only be compared with music and with prayer.
— Marcus Aurelius in Being Present by David Kundtz

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