"Everything is shaped from something else and in cooperation with agencies other than ourselves. Life is always created from interplay among different participants who make contact, influence one another, exchange their essential natures, merge, generate new forms. Yet we still imagine ourselves like the Creator in Genesis, making things from "the void" and according to the dictates of the strategic mind. Creativity does not happen in this way for most people. Solitude has a crucial place in creative practice but it is only part of a larger exchange among peoples, places, and things. Even in our most solitary moments creativity is a group process of interacting forces, images, ideas, and possibilities, all gathering together to make something that is shaped from the unique qualities of their relationship to one another.

"We also assume mistakenly that creativity is a gift given to a select few and believe that it exists 'inside' people as an attribute of some kind. Creativity is inside and outside us. It might be more accurate to say that creativity is in us and we are in it. Creativity is ubiquitous. It circulates through our environments like the air we breathe. But not everyone uses it. We engage this essential creative energy of life when we join ourselves to its transforming movements through interactions with other things and people."