Give An Alarm-Clock Alleluia
"When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, open your eyes and repeat this line from the Psalms: 'This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.' Commit to living in gratitude for the day, and you'll soon notice how much happier your day is."

Offer Phone Thanksgivings
"Instead of looking at phone calls as interruptions, let your telephone remind you of the blessings God so richly bestows. Every time your phone rings, recall something good in your life and say a brief prayer of thanks before you answer. If it's been 'one of those days,' say thanks anyway because sometimes we learn the most from life's challenges."

Climb Stairs
"A lot of us work in multi-story buildings. If you work on an upper floor, skip the elevator and climb the stairs. It's good for your body and for your soul. Climb thoughtfully, breathing slowly, and using the time alone to experience your connection with God. Pause at each landing, not only to catch your breath, but also to focus for a moment on one of the blessings in your life. Say 'thanks' before continuing your climb.”

Offer An Elevator Blessing
"Next time you share an elevator with someone, silently ask God to meet that person's unique needs. Add a smile of your own."