"Arrange for some time to sit quietly in a place of refuge. Allow yourself to become calm and attentive, using the breath to settle yourself into your body and heart.

"Then, in a gentle way, review your current life. Bring to mind each of several areas, including your work, your relationships or family life, your finances, your leisure activities, your possessions, your goals, and your spiritual life. One by one, as each area comes to mind, ask yourself the following questions: What would it be like to simplify this part of my life? What could I let go easily? What could I do to make this part of my life more quiet and simple?

"Reflect on the choices that arise within you. Notice which feel immediately comfortable and which feel difficult or frightening. The object is not necessarily to change anything immediately. In this moment you are simply noting where you desire more simplicity in your life and where this is possible. How can you make room for this simplicity? Take as much time as you need with each area of your life, becoming aware of what steps you might take. Then make a resolution to make changes in each area."