"A divine plan for our life is continually unfolding. Our good is assured by divine planning for it. When we seek to align ourselves with God's will for us, we are aligning ourselves with this master plan. For every challenge, there is a resolution. There is no situation too challenging for God's aid. For every question, there is an answer. There is no question too troublesome for God's problem-solving nature. For every circumstance, there is an outworking that is in our best interest. Let us affirm, 'God is quietly and constantly acting on my behalf.'

"As a child of God, I am worthy of a good life. I am worthy of fulfilling relationships, good health, peace of mind, and financial security. If I will cooperate with their unfolding, God is able to bring these blessings to my life. God has given me a world that is rich with opportunities and blessings. To receive the bounty that is mine, I need only cooperate, affirming by my actions and my prayers that I am God's child and worthy of all good that comes to me. I deserve good. This is God's will for me. There is no lack in God's kingdom. I do not need to compete with others to attract my good. I give thanks for what I have. I have faith in what is to come. God is generous to me. I have faith in God's generosity."