Anoint Yourself for Pilgrimage

"Anointing is an ancient practice of honoring transition times in life. We can practice anointing of ourselves as a way of celebrating our life journeys and what our dreams are for the time ahead.

"Gather some carrier oil (like jojoba or almond) scented with essential oils. You can purchase a blend you like in a health food store or you can purchase the carrier oil and essential oils separately so that you can blend your own. I especially love lavender, rose otto, and neroli, but let your nose lead you in discerning which fragrances bless your journey best. Pour a little into a small bowl. Dip your fingers in and begin to bless the different parts of your body.

"Feet — bless your feet, asking that they might carry you forward in this season to new possibilities

Hands — bless your hands, asking that they might help you to give form to creative expressions

Heart — bless your heart, asking that it be open to wonder and numinous moments

Throat — bless your throat, asking that you gain courage to speak your truth

Lips — bless your lips, asking that you take in that which is most nourishing

Third eye — bless your third eye (middle of your forehead), asking that intuition and the wisdom of dreams help to guide you.

"Blessings on the journey ahead!"