“Empaths suffer when they become locked into rigid timelines and demanding schedules. They need a more serendipitous disposition to feel plugged into the universal empathic zone. There are times when a strict schedule is necessary, of course. But in general, most empaths prefer an organically supple schedule and don’t take well to an overly regulated existence. Empaths can work within structures, but their sensitivity requires that they avoid rigidity. They need to welcome spontaneous interactions with others, and to focus on people rather than schedules or systems.

“Empaths work best when their movements are voluntary, not etched in stone. Because they go with the impressions they’re receiving, strict schedules may interfere with the strong feelings they may get to break the routine. This is not the same as succumbing to a willful impulse or engaging in something potentially destructive or damaging. It is rather that empaths feel a physical resistance mounting inside when something they are planning to do does not feel right.

“Just as nature can be orderly — mowed, clipped, and groomed — empaths can be disciplined and grounded, yet welcome a hint of chaos in their lives. In fact, a life that feels hedged and trimmed, but with room for some uncultured space that has a wild beauty and a feeling of spontaneous expression may be the best empathic environment for sensitives.”