“If you can find a community or organization that desires the good of the planet and all its creatures, the good of all people through just and generous societies, and the good of each individual — including you — with a reverence for the sacred love that flows through all these loves, that is a community in which to invest your time, intelligence, money, and energy. That is a community in which to raise your children. If you can’t find such a community or organization, perhaps you can create one. To use Christian language, even if it’s just two or three of you, that is a community in which the Spirit of God is at work, whether its members use theological language or not.

“… Distractions abound. Ten thousand desires can pull us in ten thousand directions, leaving us stuck and torn. We need to align and unify our desires, as individuals, as communities, as a species. So whatever you do, whatever language you use, Christian or not, strengthen the unifying desire, the desire that desires the well-being of all. That is the Harmony that lies beyond Simplicity, Complexity, and Perplexity.

“Everything else flows from there.”