“From the point of view of Judaism without tribalism, the mission of Judaism is teshuvah and tikkun: helping return people to their true nature as a manifesting of God/YHVH and repairing the world with justice and compassion by being a blessing to all the families of the earth, human and otherwise (Genesis 12:3).

“Jews are called to be ohr l’goyyim, a 'light unto the nations' (Isaiah 49:6). This means shining a light on three fundamental truths: 1) the truth of God/YHVH as the Happening happening as all happening (as opposed to god Adonai/Lord, who chose the Jews to be his special people); 2) the truth of humanity as the image of God; and 3) the human obligation to repair the world with justice and compassion by being a blessing. In this way, Judaism ceases to be about Jewish survival and becomes more about the thriving of person and planet. In this way, Judaism ceases to be about making Jews more Jewish and becomes more about making people more just, kind, and humble (Micah 6:8).

“If Judaism were a business, our vision of the future wouldn’t be a world in which Jews are more engaged with Jewish tradition. It would be a world in which Jews use their traditions, texts, and teachings to help create a civilization where people beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks; where nation ceases to war against nation; where even the study of war is no longer part of human life; where people live simply beneath their vines and fig trees; where no one threatens another or makes them afraid (Micah 4:3-4); and where people eat simply, drink moderately, work joyously, and love freely (Ecclesiastes 2:24; 4:8-12).”