“To tap into our Lakshmi lucky dimension, we must consciously think abundant thoughts with an expanded definition of abundance. Rather than focusing on the one or two or few areas of lack, we need to 'find our maple tree.' Be grateful for whatever little abundance is flowing in our life.

“Look around you. Many people have 'nice stuff'; not everyone is happy. Without Lakshmi’s blessings in your deep psyche which make you feel abundant and fulfilled from within, even with the greatest riches and luxuries surrounding you, you will feel empty, alone, and joyless, despite crowds cheering you and friends praising you.

“Those who are genuinely happy are channeling Lakshmi through the practice of gratitude. They avoid a complaining mindset focused upon what is missing. I have met people living in poverty in India who are filled with Mother’s grace. They laugh, sing, and bless everyone with a smile. I have met people living with privilege — some unhappy inside their bedecked and bejeweled bodies, because Lakshmi has abandoned them.

“Don’t get hung up on things you don’t have yet. Try to feel joy for even the smallest things that give you even a moment of blessedness. This is a potent way to connect with Lakshmi.”