“Let there be darkness.

“The last true revolutionary act left to human beings in the twenty-first century is to turn out the lights. Other acts are possible — acts we may call revolutionary — but they do not meet the criteria of the word as it must necessarily be interpreted today. Nothing short of turning out the lights will lead to an overturning of the endgame global system that now has us in its thrall.

“To turn out the lights is to turn over the human mind — to overthrow it, as it were, so that we can get some perspective on what we truly want and need, so that we can realize that human consciousness is not the sine qua non of reality. That it perceives only the narrowest bandwidth and the smallest part of what is. I say that darkness is the last revolutionary act because it is the only act that effectively overturns human consciousness. And that is the only thing worth revolting against. Consciousness is the problem underlying all others, which, if it is not addressed, will only continue to manifest further problems — one after another — until it has completely destroyed our world.

“Darkness is the one remaining revolutionary act. Changing the political order does not matter. Economies are all more or less alike. Governments and cultures rise and fall. The person who chooses to turn off the lights and lie awake in darkness embraces the truth of a life before and beyond all of these. The only way back to the path we once traveled on as a species is through the darkness of deep time.”