Here is a touching and inspiring collection of letters from award-winning radio host, newspaper columnist, and psychologist Daniel Gottlieb to his grandson. The two have something in common besides their blood connection; they are both different. Gottlieb is a quadriplegic who has over the years learned a lot about himself and life from his disability. When Sam was 14 months old, he was diagnosed with autism. The relationship between a grandfather and grandson is a mysterious and marvelous one bolstered by unconditional love. This comes through vividly in chapters titled welcome to your world; about your family; you and me, Sam; your body, mind, and spirit; what's ahead for you; and your place in the world.

Gottlieb does a fine job teaching Sam how to navigate the feelings that come with being dependent on others. The author believes that the two of them can "help teach people, that no matter what happens to our bodies or minds, our souls remain whole." Gottlieb's spiritual advice about handling pain is very illuminating, especially this: "All pain is about longing for yesterday — whatever we had before, whatever we used to be." He tells Sam that wounds do heal and pain does pass but patience and faith are needed to cope with both.

Best of all is Gottlieb's belief that all of us have our own little patch of life that we are responsible for. It is not necessary to get a bigger patch or to make it better. The point is to take care of it with love and gratitude and joy. Take these soulful letters to heart and then share them with someone you love.