Ken Wilber, who has spent three decades studying scientific and spiritual traditions, has been called "the Einstein of consciousness." He is the author of more than 22 books. The Integral Operating System, a multimedia package, conveys his core teachings and includes:

• a 75-minute DVD covering each component of the Integral Model;
• a 70-page manual which describes the terms and the learning experiences inherent in the Integral Map;
• the IOS Explorer — a poster-sized reference chart;.
• two CDs of Ken Wilber responding to frequently asked questions about his Integral Vision, along with practice suggestions.

The IOS User's Guide is a handy way to find your way through Wilbur's prolific output since it defines the key terms he has developed. When he talks about states of consciousness, he is referring to waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. There are also meditative and contemplative states and spiritual and spontaneous experiences. On the other hand, stages of consciousness (what Jean Gebser called archaic, magic, mythic, rational, pluralistic, and integral) are levels of consciousness development. Two more terms help us understand the unfolding of our being: States are free, stages are earned, says Wilber.

The Integral Model honors the complexity of each person and the variety of truths in every dimension of our experience. Wilber explores the masculine and feminine within us, our three bodies (the gross, the subtle, and the casual) and the I, We, and It Dimensions. The Integral Approach involves the cultivation of body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. Thanks to the globalization of knowledge, individuals have access to the many transformative practices of the ancient wisdom traditions.

Wilber explains the four essential modules of Integral Practice: kinesthetic (physical), cognitive (mental), psychodynamic (shadow), and meditative (contemplative). He identifies signs that your transformative practice is working and shares ways he has used the four core practices in his life. He concludes: "Integral Practice offers the most comprehensive strategy for becoming amidst the radiant embrace of timeless Being."