"Our brains are hardwired to find God," writes Deepak Chopra, author of 23 books including the best-selling Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. In this ambitious work, he turns to religion, quantum physics, and neuroscience to present a rounded and complex portrait of "our reality sandwich." Early on, Chopra maps the mystery of the soul and includes in his discussion inspiration, memory of former lives, telepathy and ESP, synchronicity, clairvoyance, and prophecy.

The major emphasis of this blend of science and New Age spirituality is upon the seven stages of God as Protector, Almighty, Peace, Redeemer, Creator, Miracle-Maker, and Pure Being. The reader can key his or her identity type and personality to the search for the Divine in chapters where the following questions are explored: What kind of world does God create? Who am I? How do I fit in? What is the nature of good and evil? What is my life challenge? What is my greatest strength, and what is my greatest hurdle? What is my greatest temptation?

In Chopra's eyes, "God is our highest instinct to know ourselves." We are all "saints in the making" as we learn to cooperate with the Divine in our daily lives. This attempt to synthesize science, spirituality, and Chopra's Eastern wisdom ought to appeal to the same audience that savors Ken Wilber's grand vision.

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