Paul Brunton (1898-1981) published 30 books during his lifetime and is the author of the 16-volume posthumously published Notebooks of Paul Brunton series that presents a world-encompassing spirituality. Since 2010, a new text selection from this work has been offered daily in 15 languages on the Internet as Realizing Soul is a sampler of the first four years' publication of these online selections.

Brunton believes: "The process of human evolution serves a twofold purpose. The first is to develop the physical, emotional, and intellectual characteristics. The second is to lead the individual to enquire into and become fully conscious of, his divine origin." Grace abounds in this world and the ego cannot take us very far on our spiritual journey. Intuition shows us the way as we take time to listen and look deeply at our experiences.

The discovery and surrender to "the Overself" is, according to Brunton, "a growing perception of life's larger meaning, a profound comfort in the ever increasing knowledge of its beneficent purpose." Those who find themselves in sync with this wisdom keeper will want to read more about the subjects covered in this sturdy volume — The Mystery, The Ego Illusion, The Gentle Voice of the Overself, Foretaste of the Ego-free Life, Born Again, The Inner Voyage, the Wonder of Grace, and Towards a Brighter Future.

Brunton believed that the journey of life is both an adventure and a pilgrimage. In this book, he beckons us to join hands and walk together into a brighter future.