One of the most invidious enemies of the creation of a better world is cynicism. Ellis Jones and the other authors of this user-friendly resource on making a difference point out that cynicism is "the deeply ingrained belief that human beings are, and always have been, inherently selfish. Cynicism in this form is not just a long-term emotional state or an adopted intellectual philosophy, it is a way of relating to the world." To counter it, they offer plans of action based on hope — that force of intention and zeal that can animate individuals to create positive change in their lives and in the interdependent world we all inhabit.

The authors believe that the seven foundations of a better world are economic fairness, comprehensive peace, ecological sustainability, deep democracy, social justice, cultivation of sustainability, and revitalized community. In the second section of this paperback, they outline positive actions for a better world in 13 arenas including politics, shopping, food, work, media, travel, and organizations. Here you will find resources to help you make the best decisions while buying groceries, investing, and traveling. Especially helpful is their list of some of the most powerful social change organizations in the world and their selection of progressive websites containing good news.

This superb volume closes with the top ten actions for a better world matched to key areas for change. Are you ready to make a difference? Buy a low emission, fuel-efficient car (transportation). Limit your work time (work). Buy less stuff (shopping). Buy products from environmentally and socially responsible companies (shopping). Join an organization you care about (organizations). Eat less meat (food). Open an account at a socially responsible bank or credit union (money). Conserve energy and water (home). Watch less TV (media). Volunteer (organizations).