"Our bodies, too, begin to release to the poured and flowing river of light. Once, standing in a shadowy valley between great mountains, before the sun rose, I thought how perfect in beauty and formation this valley was, but deeply asleep, how lifeless it was until the sun rose over it, flooding it with warm, golden radiance.

"Each cell, each organ, each bodily part is like that sleeping valley until the flowing light flooding every part begins to waken our consciousness to the love and intelligence God has implanted in each cell. We learn to lay a loving hand on our bodily areas calling them to awaken to the glory of the indwelling sprit. A prayer I have learned to use when laying hands on myself has been extraordinarily helpful to me:

"Holy Spirit, Lord and giver of life,
living presence of the Christ,
enfold, awaken, and release (name bodily part)
to the deep wisdom of love
you have implanted there.

"During this prayer, I keep my hand gently on this area of my body, and sense the golden light within it opening like a flower, or flowing like a spring.

"In the same way exactly, when we want to pray for a part of this world, some aspect of agonized humanity, as a symbolic gesture, we can lay our hands on a picture from that troubled place, or on a map or a globe, and picture or sense the powerful, transforming golden light opening there like a vast flower, or a glowing pool of water.

"Or we can picture or think of the whole globe of the earth, held in the hands of the Christ, or put into the heart of the Christ, until the earth body itself glows and unfolds like a flower.

"It is astonishing to me how often I forget to open to the inner flowing. Though I have seen it proved countless times in my life, the miracle of living that unfolds when I act from the inner connectedness with the Christ, I so often forget and go back to my willpower, my personal strength and good resolutions."