What God Is, You Must Be

Should I my final goal and primal source discover,
I must myself in God and God in me recover
Becoming what He is: a shine within His shine,
A word within His Word, by God be made divine.

God in Me and I in Him

God is the fire in me and I in Him the shine;
Are we not with each other most inwardly entwined?

A Christian Is God's Son

I also am God's Son, I'm sitting at His right,
His Spirit, Flesh, and Blood, He can there recognize.

Through Humanity to God

If you would like to catch dew of divinity,
Unwaveringly adhere to its humanity.

You Must Be Newly Born

God has become incarnate; be you not divinized,
You do revile His birth and mock His sacrifice.

The Divine Mode of Seeing

If in your neighbor you but God and Christ will see,
Then you see with the light born for divinity.

God Withholds Nothing

Come drink and have your fill, all is for you and free;
Divinity itself shall then your banquet be.

One Perceives God in Oneself

What my God's form may be, yourself you should perceive,
Who views himself in God gazes at God indeed.

The Highest Divine Service

To be like unto God is highest divine service,
To have the form of Christ in love, in life, in bearing.