"Amma was always trying to teach us through personal example. Many years ago, when the ashram temple was under construction, Amma was seen walking around the site in the moonlight, periodically bending down to pick something up from the ground. It was at the end of a long day of public darshan, and this was how Amma was choosing to spend Her rest time.

"A brahmachari went to Her and said, 'Amma, what are you doing? You should take rest.' Amma replied 'Son, Amma is picking up these rusty nails.' The young brahmachari wondered why She was doing this at such a late hour when She should be sleeping. Amma said, 'Many poor people come to this ashram and what if a father of a family pricked his foot and it became septic? He might have to go to the hospital and then who would look after his family? Also, we can straighten out these rusty nails and re-use them in the building of the temple, or we can sell them as scrap metal.' The brahmachari was speechless while he contemplated the wisdom behind Amma's all-encompassing love and sheer physical energy. After a full day of dealing with people's personal problems and comforting them, Amma had the foresight to protect them from any harm that might come to them during their visit to the ashram.

"Once when Amma was eating lunch with the ashram residents, She knocked over Her glass of buttermilk and the contents spilled onto the cement floor. I rushed to get a cloth, but Amma stopped me and proceeded to drink the buttermilk directly off the floor. Two visiting westerners who were present on that occasion looked at each other, shocked. Soon afterwards, they left the ashram. Apparently they were not ready for such an advanced lesson."