Stone Hearts
by Sa'di

"Woe to that heart
who cannot sense
the beauty in music!

Never waste your time
discussing love's ways
with a stone heart.

Strangers to love
are not invited
to the Spiritual Concert.

Only those who burn
will give off smoke.

Losing Your Head
by Fakhr al-Din 'Iraqi

"The first step in love
is losing your head.
After the petty ego,
you then give up your life
and bear the calamity.

With this behind you, proceed:
Polish the ego's rust
from the mirror
of your self."

That Which Frees You
by Khaqani Shirwani

"The bird that sings
pain's song
is love.

The messenger skilled
in the language
of the unseen world
is love.

It is love that speaks to you,
calling you beyond the limits
of this created realm.

That which frees you
from your tiny self
also is love."

Beyond Distinctions
by Abu Sa'id Abi'l-Khayr

"That fire
whose name is love
burns away
both belief and disbelief.

Belief is one thing —
the religion of love
is something different.

Love's Prophet is beyond race,
beyond creeds,
beyond petty distinctions."

Every Place Is Love's Home
by Hafiz

"In the end, everyone reaps what they have sown.

Each person, whether sober or drunk, seeks the Beloved;
every place is love's home, whether synagogue or mosque."