Grandparent's Day Blessing

Since 1979, a yearly remembrance of grandparents, usually on the first Sunday in September following Labor Day, has gained in popularity as a day to especially remember our beloved grandparents. This blessing can take place where they live or at the home of their children. A festive dinner prepared for them can form part of the celebration.

Gathering Prayer

Leader: We pray. (Pause for silence).
Lord, our God,
we praise you for (names of grandparents present)
who bless us with life, love, and heritage.
Be with them, guard and sustain them all their days
and grant them abundant peace and joy.
We pray this in Jesus' name.
All: Amen.

Scripture Reading

Sirach 44:1,10-15
Matthew 13:16-17


Reader: For our grandparents who passed on to us the gift of life.

All: We give thanks!

Reader: For wisdom, age, and grace.

All: We give thanks!

Reader: For the heritage of faith.

All: We give thanks!

Blessing Gesture

All may extend their hands over the grandparent(s) as the leader prays:

Bless, Lord, our grandparents (names).
Give them the joy of your presence
and fill their days with peace. May they
always know our love and gratefulness. May
they know they are the real treasures of our family.
We pray this through Christ our Lord.
All: Amen.

All share a festive dinner. Family members may share gifts, flowers, and cards with grandparent(s). Family photo albums and stories may be shared and enjoyed.