"Chasing the magic number is chasing an illusion, because it not only puts us outside of ourselves and our process, it puts us outside of today — far into the future, where we are free to make up stories based on nothing but fantasy.

"There's no such thing as a magic number. But there is such a thing as magic. What feels like magic is different for all of us — a bluebird on the windowsill, a beautiful sunset, the handmade valentine from our child, the friend who holds our hand and listens to us with compassion and total acceptance — this is true prosperity. And true prosperity always feels like magic. Because it is.

What Is Enough?

"The prosperous heart is abundant. While we may not have all that we wish, we can be assured that we have 'enough.' Rather than insatiably craving more, the prosperous heart makes the most of the stores that it has. We find we can meet our needs and even our wants. We know that prosperity is more than our cash flow, more than our fiscal bottom line. Prosperity is a matter of faith. The prosperous heart trusts that the future will be cared for, as is the day at hand. The prosperous heart does not fear abandonment. It claims God as its constant companion. There is one prayer it prays above all: 'Thy will be done.' Setting aside its personal will, it asks for knowledge of God's will and the power to carry it out. This prayer is answered, sometimes boldly, sometimes subtly. The prosperous heart believes that even its tiniest whisper meets God's ear."