"A yawn is something that happens when you don't expect it and can't stop it! Your mouth suddenly flies open and anybody who's looking thinks you must be tired or bored. Now that can be embarrassing in polite society. But did you know that many years ago, people were AFRAID of yawns? They thought if you opened your mouth wide, your life breath might escape and you'd fall over dead. So when they felt a yawn coming on, they immediately put a hand over the mouth so the breath would not escape. Today, people still put a hand over the mouth when they yawn — not because they're afraid but just to be polite.

"Now that we know yawns are not dangerous, we also know they ARE contagious. As soon as you see someone else yawn, you want to yawn too, and if you're in a room full of people, pretty soon EVERYBODY wants to yawn. It's catching — just like measles, spotted fever, and a grumpy mood. When you're with someone who is all grumpy, you sometimes start to feel grumpy too. But when you're with someone who's all excited and enthusiastic, suggesting, 'Let's go see that new movie!' or 'Let's go on a picnic!' or 'Let's make popcorn!' then you might start to feel excited about the idea too.

"That's why even Christianity can be catching! Do you ever act so excited and enthusiastic about God's goodness and greatness and all God's wonderful creations and all the teachings and miracles of Jesus that other people get excited too — just from being with you? If you DO, you must have a lot of joy and gladness in your life. If you DON'T, maybe you should. Maybe you could start today.

"Dear Lord, as we get older, sometimes it's hard to get as excited about things as we did when we were younger and full of beans, but it shouldn't. Sometimes we think we've seen it all and life is getting ho-hum. But wonders are all around. We just have to pay attention to see them and let that old enthusiasm kick back in."