"There is room in the world for loving:
there is no room for hate.
There is room in the world for sharing;
there is no room for greed.
There is room for justice;
no room for privilege.
There is room for compassion;
no room for pride.
The world is ample enough for the needs of all;
too small for the greed of a few.
Let us learn that we depend on each other;
that the eye cannot say to the hand
'I need you not.'
Let us be delicate with persons.
Let us touch the earth lightly with hands like
Let us speak softly and carry no stick.
Let us open the clenched fist and extend the
open palm.
Let us mourn till others are comforted,
weep till others laugh.
Let us be sleepless till all can sleep untroubled.
Let us be meek till all stand up in pride.
Let us be frugal till all are filled.
Let us give till all have received.
Let us make no claims till all have had their due.
Let us be slaves till all are free.
Let us lay down our lives
till others have life abundantly.
Let us be restless for others, serene within
Let us be as gods."