Intuitive Information and the Chakras

"In order for intuitive information to really qualify as helpful, it must lead to a life-enhancing awareness that brings greater freedom, whether it be on the emotional, mental, spiritual, and/or physical level. This new awareness will have a balancing effect on one or more of the in-body chakras and should produce at least one of the following results."

Chakra Balanced Result
First Improves your physical wellbeing
Second Frees you from imprisoning feelings and emotions and moves you toward joy
Third Releases you from negative beliefs and moves you toward higher self-esteem
Fourth Unbinds you from harmful relationships or patterns and encourages more loving ones
Fifth Allows you to share yourself powerfully and communicate lovingly by removing old tapes and increasing your ability to set respectful boundaries
Sixth Can rid you of false impressions about yourself and allow you to see yourself and your potential more realistically
Seventh Helps spiritually by enabling you to better understand God's love and accept divine assistance and support
Eighth Helps you work through the experiences of the past that are holding you back and claim the gifts you have yet to use
Ninth Removes the blocks to living your purpose
Tenth Leads you to take practical, concrete steps toward a life of contribution and fulfillment
Eleventh Encourages the ethical applications of your personal and positional power, and leads you to generously use your abilities and gifts to uplift others