In a Holy Book I Have

In a holy book I have there are pages from
the Bible and the Koran.

And pages from the sutras and from the
Upanishads, the Torah, and the Gita.

And pages of things that unknown saints
wrote in collaboration with the heavens
that people have never seen.

And pages of the wisdom of animals and
their young singing while they played, the
way we once did with the stars.

And pages of plants and pages of sounds.
And pages of earths.

Yes, it is all there in my soul, anything ink
has ever preserved, anything that stone ever

begged to have carved on it, anything any
instrument gifted from its mind, or a brush
left for us to see. Any space sanctified by
dance, I know.

And anything that will ever be, written in
your heart. You, the eyes or ears and cells
that now hear this.

In a holy book I have, in a sacred text I carry,
is the face of everyone who will ever be.