In the introduction to this paperback, Janine Pease, Vice-President for American Indian Affairs at Rocky Mountain College, writes: "By reading this book, we are privileged to hear the thoughts and words of American Indian women along with the intense beauty of their images. This gift of voice and image affords us an opportunity to travel across time and cultures, to listen to and to observe these beautiful mothers, grandmothers, and matriarchs, all of them Indian women."

The four sections of this volume are "The Role of Indian Women," which contains commentary by male leaders; "Celestial Femininity," which presents traditional tribal stories about sacred culture; "Intercessors with the Sacred," which examines the role of women in tribal legends and history; and "Women's Voices," with the words of Native Americans who have passed on to the "other side camp."

Here you will find material on American Indian women as the essential keepers of culture, language, worldview, rituals and practices. They also looked after the children and did planting and harvesting. No wonder Luther Standing Bear could say: "It is the mothers, not the warriors, who create a people and guide their destiny."

This exquisite collection of words and photographs depicts the role of Native American women as nurturers in the broadest sense of the term.