Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat are the Directors of 100 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive and its companion 100 More Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive contain the same combination of inspirational quotations and practice suggestions as the "Practices of the Day" that appear on the homepage and are archived here.

100 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive, described on its jacket as "a care package for the soul," is a small gift book presenting quotations, brief stories, and meditations collected from contemporary books. Mary Ann Brussat explains, "We have been amazed at how many contemporary writers — Frederick Buechner, Anthony de Mello, Joanna Macy, Sam Keen, Diane Ackerman, Lawrence Kushner, John Updike, and others — have shed light on the complex and profound workings of the soul. We looked for passages that make a specific point on how we can live soulfully." The "ways" include: Try Not To Panic, Have a Beginner's Mind, Cultivate Justice, Shed an Old Skin, Let Your Tears Flow, Believe in Prophets, Find a Soul Friend, Never Forget You May Be a Messenger.

Each quotation is followed by an invitation to do something practical and specific. These practice suggestions could be a creative activity, a household project, a journal exercise, or a question to contemplate. The Brussats conclude: "Follow the advice given here and most likely you will find yourself more connected not only to your inner life but also to your neighbors and the larger world."