Bede Griffiths said of Benedictine John Main's (1926-1982) writings, "I do not know of any better method of meditation leading to the experience of the love of God in Christ." Editor Paul Harris has drawn together excerpts from this monk's work and put them into a daily readings format.

Main believed in the rigors of a twice-a-day meditation practice using the mantra "maranatha" which means "Come Lord." "Saying the mantra is like dropping anchor; it falls into the depth of our being." This daily practice leads to body stillness ("an outward sign of an inward stillness") and silence ("the language of the spirit").

Throughout the book, John Main offers a variety of definitions of Christian meditation. He sees it as a way of being awake and fully alive; a pilgrimage to our center, our heart; and a practice that enables us "to root ourselves in the spiritual reality of God." One of the marvels of Main's understanding of the use of the mantra is his practical responses to the distractions resulting from the ego's needs for drama, progress, instant enlightenment, expectations, and comparisons. Silence and Stillness in Every Season is a perfect companion for all Christian meditators.