Here is a great idea well executed that will bring fresh bounties to intentional communities and great delight to those who want to support the ministries of spiritual folk. The Kellys, authors of Sanctuaries, offer descriptions of over 250 communities in the United States and Canada along with the services and products they provide in order to pay the rent and give themselves the resources they need to fulfill their God-given talents. This excellent resource is totally ecumenical and organized by states.

Savvy users of The Whole Heaven Catalog will want to order holiday gifts for friends and family. There is so much to choose from here — wind bells, inspirational cards, garden compost, cheeses, candles, wild flower seeds, sandals, hammocks, ceramic artifacts, etc. The book also includes the publishing and educational ventures of these communities — books, tapes, retreats, workshops. And a special addition is a calendar of events open to the public such as fairs, celebrations, festivals, and ceremonies. What a wonderful and practical resource!