Jiko Kohno is a cleric of the Tendai Sect of Japanese Buddhism and founder and chief priest of the Temple Fukuju-san Jiko-ji in Osaka. She is also chairman of Kohno Chemical Company and founder of the Temple Los Angeles Jiko-ji in California. Kohno's perspective as a woman is what makes her spiritual advice so appealing.

The author refers to the Buddha's teachings about "the seven offerings that cost nothing": a compassionate eye, a smiling face, loving words, physical service, a warm heart, a seat, and lodging. These small but significant acts of kindness color her observations on lessening the pressure on children, deepening marriage relationships, and honoring elders. Kohno reveals her respect for alternative forms of healing and music as a stress reliever. She also shows how calligraphy, flower arrangement, and the tea ceremony can help people live in the present moment and discern the harmony in life's rhythms. This enlightening paperback has been translated by James M. Vardaman.