Read two excerpts on you, and another on love.

David Aaron presents a series of meditations orchestrated around the theme of "the art of receiving." The author, head of Jerusalem's Isralight Institute, uses the mystical path of the Kabbalah as a beacon to shed light on the major challenges of life including love, creativity, and freedom. "The Talmud teaches that no one will leave this world with even half of his desires fulfilled. Even Moses never reached the Promised Land; he died on the way."

According to Rabbi Aaron, the key to living a full life is to know what time it is — to be in sync with the Holy One. He defines holiness as going to the peak of ourselves. Prayer is "the intentional exciting of mind, will and imagination." Rabbi Aaron is a capable teacher who taps into ancient wisdom and then uses colorful language to apply that wisdom to the contemporary yearning for meaning, wholeness, and spiritual growth.