"Based on traditional Mexican talismans, the tiny, personal charms known as milagros remind us that miracles can be small, they can be numerous, and they can happen every day. Often intensely personal, milagros are individual and universal, and they offer a way to close the gap between the spiritual and the commonplace," writes Helen Thompson in this wonderful little book beautifully illustrated by Paddy Bruce. These metal talismans that fit in the hand have been used for centuries in Latin American culture as petitions for divine assistance or as offerings of thanks for blessings received.

Milagros (Spanish for miracles) come in all shapes and sizes and materials. But Thompson has chosen to focus on those related to anatomical shapes — the head, the heart, the foot, the hand, and the mouth. You can use your head milagro to help set your mind free. Give a valentine-shaped heart pierced with a sword to someone who has lost a loved one. Keep a hand milagro at work to remind yourself of the spiritual dimension of your labors. Get a foot milagro when you find the courage to walk away from unnecessary suffering. And to remind yourself of the sacred importance of minding your tongue, have a mouth milagro handy. The use of milagros can enrich your devotional life and add spiritual intention to your daily rounds.