"When you see something that is broken, fix it. When you find something that is lost, return it. When you see something that needs to be done, do it. In that way, you will take care of your world and repair creation. If all the people in the world were to do so, our world would truly be a Garden of Eden, the way God meant it to be."

Lawrence Kushner has been dispensing the deep wisdom of sacred texts and Jewish spirituality for 25 years. As the author of nine volumes and the rabbi of Congregation Beth El in Sudbury, Massachusetts, he is a master of mystical theology, storytelling, and discovering the sacred in everyday life. Following an introduction and tribute by Thomas Moore, this paperback contains selections from Kushner's books, articles, and previously unpublished material.

Here the reader will find thought-provoking and soul stirring pieces on blessing as awakening, entrances to holiness, reverence, reciting psalms, ordinary people as messengers of the Most High, and the coming of the Messiah. Here's another sample: "At the end of Job, God says, in effect, I'm the whole kazoo. Not just sunshine and bluebirds, but even in the lions tearing gazelles, vultures eating carrion. Everything. Everywhere. God. God. God."

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