Lent, according to Edward Hays in his 22nd book, is a training time for Christians — a 40-day period for prayer, charity-justice, and spiritual growth. In this imaginatively constructed resource, the always creative author challenges us to see this holy season as a honeymoon set aside for "romancing and enkindling our love for God with fresh passion and enthusiasm." Jesus traveled the roads as a hobo, as one with "nowhere to lay his head." Hays wants us to see ourselves as homeward bound vagabonds open to God's grace and surprises.

Throughout this thought-provoking book, the author includes secret signs that hoboes chalked upon fences and barns to their fellow travelers. For instance, the sign of a cat meant "a kindhearted woman lives inside this house" whereas a slanted cross said "if you go into this place, you will be beaten." Hays plays with these signs and comes up with fresh slants on fasting, abstinence, profanity, silliness, and forgiveness.