Denise Linn draws upon her Cherokee roots to describe the various doorways ancient cultures have used to enter spiritual realms. She defines a vision quest as "a rite of passage that carries you to an inner place of silence and majesty and encourages you to live more courageously and genuinely." Linn has designed and led these inward journeys in locations all over the world.

What does one do on a vision quest? The author lists six possible goals — to examine your life, to face your fears, to release your attachments, to tap into the spirit power within you, to give thanks, and to experience a vision. For those who may not be willing or able to venture into the wilderness, Linn lays out alternate quests for indoors or in one's garden. She also describes the spiritual values of a day of silence or a pilgrimage.

Those unfamiliar with Native American ritual will appreciate Linn's commentary on the sacred circle, the medicine wheel, smudging, prayer sticks, and finding your spirit animal. "A very good vision is needed for life," Chief Crazy Horse once said, "and the man who has it must follow it — as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky." This guidebook reveals the importance of questing and the spiritual yearning we all have for vision.