Daphne Rose Kingma is a psychotherapist whose practice over the past 30 years has helped thousands of individuals and couples understand and build up their relationships. She is the author of The Book of Love and many other works. This inspiring work is divided into five sections: The Gift and Practice of True Love, Loving Yourself, Preparing for Love, Living Your Love, The Art and Practice of Loving Communication, and Lifting Your Relationship to a Higher Level.

Kingma's tips and advice are practical and helpful. For instance, "Loving yourself means that just as you're willing to rush to the aid of anyone else, you will rush to your own aid; you will come to your own rescue." This will enable you to fulfill your obligations to your mate.

The titles of some of the 101 ways will give you an idea of the breadth of her approach: Value Your Uniqueness. Trust that There's a Person for You. Open Your Heart. Surrender Your Expectations. Practice the Art of Empathy. Celebrate the Exceptional. Remember that Your Sweetheart Isn't Psychic. Kindle the Romance. Look for the Message Under the Words. Pursue Beauty. Recognize the Higher Purpose of a Relationship. Remember Your Soulful Connection. Consecrate Your Relationship.

Here is a thoughtful take on a very important dimension of every love relationship:

"The spiritual relationship is gracious, easy, considerate, and kind. Because it has stepped off the merry-go-round of ego concerns, it can be generous and patient, can behold the beloved not just as a person doing this or that, but as a soul on a journey. A great spiritual love does not exclude the psychological and physical — partners will always support each other in these realms with healing and attention — but when you love in the spirit, your love will also be a reminder of the infinite context, the true destination. Remembering this will give your love an exalted, crystalline, and truly luminous quality. For if your emotional relationship is a jewel, your spiritual relationship is the light that shines through it."