Almost half of all adult Americans are single, and yet churches and other institutions in our society have a difficult time relating to these individuals. Everything seems set up to serve couples and families. Debra K. Farrington (Romancing the Holy), the editorial director of Morehouse Publishing, believes that "the Bible sanctions singleness as a fulfilling and important way of living." She examines the meaning of Jesus' singleness and looks at the positive examples of others in the same boat — including Mary Magdalene, Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and Paul.

Anyone looking for help and encouragement on steering the course of singleness will find spiritual sustenance on these pages. Farrington opens each brief essay with a scriptural passage and ends it with a thought-provoking question that reinforces the theme. These meditations are nurturing — showing how the alternating currents of solitude and community can enrich lives. The author shares her own experiences of accepting manna and being manna for others. She provides tips on enhancing the call to be single via friendship, support groups, e-mail, retreats, pets, and reinventing holidays. One Like Jesus provides key insights for single women and men on how to become all they are meant to be as cherished daughters and sons of God.

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