"Prayer is an energy that, like oxygen, feeds our whole being even when we are not aware of it. When we pray, a positive, life-enhancing energy that affects us physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually is activated within us. Prayer ministers to us. It engages the creative energy of the universe, God. This divine energy unites with our own deepest, truest intention and goes into action. We ingest a higher, more refined kind of thinking, and this higher vibration brings its nutrients to our whole being. It is like the effect that eating healthier foods has on the body and on our sense of well-being. When we eat healthier, we feel healthier. The same is true in our thinking. Even when we are not aware of prayer's dynamic activity, it is at work in us and through us."

These thoughts on prayer are by Sharon Connors, a former senior minister at Unity Village Chapel on the campus of the world headquarters for Unity in suburban Kansas City, Missouri. Her articles have been published in The Daily Word and Unity Magazine. In this paperback, Connors explores prayer as an adventure that gives voice to faith, animates love and service of others, and serves as a catalyst to personal transformation. Best of all, it is an opportunity for us to surrender ourselves to God and to experience the mystery that is always part of the human journey. As prayer unlocks our talents, we become instruments of God, "touching the hearts of others in healing, bonding ways."

In a very helpful chapter, Connors lays out "Five Spiritual Principles: Foundations for Effective Prayer:"

1. God is Goodness and Creativity itself, seeking expression through us.
2. We are made in the image and likeness of God.
3. What we think, we bring about.
4. Affirmation is our creative energy; denial is our spiritual eraser.
5. Prayer and meditation access all of the resources of Spirit.

From this foundation, the author goes on to examine prayers for true relationship, for guidance, for making and handling change, for healing, for prosperity, that open Heaven's door, for fulfillment, and prayers of gratitude and praise. We especially liked her commentary on prayer partners, the significance of speaking to God while on our knees, and using affirmations in our devotional life.