Famke Zonneveld (1938 - 2005) was an art teacher and artist in watercolor, stained glass, lazure wall painting, and fiber arts. She taught crafts and the history of architecture at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City. Her works are in numerous public and private collections.

Here is a colorful, playful, and thoroughly delightful alphabet and game book that challenges young children to find in each consonant or vowel a treasure trove of words that go with animals, plants, objects, and other things. There is a playful spirit at work here that makes discovery into a bold adventure. As master Waldorf teacher William Ward says of this bestseller: "Each page is a magical door, opening to the bright realm where stories are enacted, a realm of wonders accessible to children, artists, and those in whom the light of imagination shines."

Here's what the playful and attentive reader can find in some of the illustrations:

C — cat on carpet, caterpillar, cow, crown, condor, columns, cubs, clocks, conches, crows, and crab

I — Indian on ice floe, igloo, Inuits, ibises, icicles, ivy, ice cream cones, irises, ibexes, islands

R — river with raft and road and rainbow, rain cloud and rain, rooster, rose, raccoon, rattlesnake, rhinoceros, robin, radish, rabbit, reindeer, rake