"Since our world was created as an arena to demonstrate the unity of God, no other act demonstrates this better than the physical union of male and female, strangers who become lovers, and lovers who are also friends," writes Shmuley Boteach, Rabbi at Oxford University and director of the L'Chaim Society, a high-profile Jewish education organization. The author recommends "kosher sex" as one of the best means to establish and express emotional intimacy. In this excellent compendium of wise advice and trenchant insight, Rabbi Boteach suggests ways to bring into marriage "the kind of positive feelings and warmth that only sex can induce and only friendship can sustain."

Sexual intercourse is the ultimate bonding process where sharing and caring are wed. In the bedroom, God is present in the warmth and blending of bodies. Rabbi Boteach's explanation of the erotic channels of communication includes pieces on oral sex, masturbation, pornography, modesty, sadomasochism, and using sex to mend bridges. This is a helpful resource for couples who view sex as an exalted form of communication, a journey of seduction, and a holy process of discovery.